How to edit an element

On a page, there are many elements such as main navigation, product title, price, paragraph, section headings, banner text, slider text, footer text,...etc.

You can style all of these texts in the way you like easily with this app.

In the editor view, Lets hover on a text, you will see the blue outlined that text. For example: "Example Product Title"

-> Left click to select this text for customizing.

Take a look at the mini pop-up. There are many options to style a text: text, background, gap and spacing, size,....

Each option includes many more attributes: color, weight, height, border,...

After you're done with styling an element -> press the Save button to save changes on this page.

The same steps with other elements on this page.

As the picture below, you can see that the style of the text "Example Product Title" has been changed.

Lastly, please switch back to the original tab that is showing the app interface --> press Save to save again

Note: you can not navigate to the other pages on your site when customizing

To customize on the others, please add new page

Result: Now please view your site to see the result or click View button